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Soccer Performance

At FC Training Grounds, we take pride in our unique approach aimed at maximizing the athletic potential of our athletes. Through the implementation of educational and periodized methods, we are dedicated to helping our athletes excel in their sport and reach new levels of performance.

Our comprehensive program focuses on enhancing functional movement, body awareness, strength, conditioning, injury prevention, explosive power, and resilience. We understand the demands of the sport of soccer and recognize the importance of these elements in optimizing performance. That's why our program is designed to address all of these aspects and more, enabling you to unlock new peaks of your potential.

Injury Risk Reduction Sessions

Soccer is very demanding on the human body due to all the stress being applied to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. 
In our Injury risk reduction sessions, our main focus is to spot compensation patterns, improve biomechanics, and build functional strength with the main goal of decreasing the level of injuries and improving movement.

Strength & Power Sessions

Strength training refers to the ability to overcome resistance while power training is the ability to overcome resistance in a shorter period of time.
In these sessions, we combine strength and power
training that targets muscles used in soccer movements. 
Soccer is a sport where explosive power is needed. Our strength and power training can assist in improving, striking the ball, aggressive change of directions, turns, heading the ball, and springs.

Strength & Power Sessions

Soccer is a sport where the energy systems are always working and constantly being challenged.
In this session, we combine conditioning, coordination, reaction, and agility through game-like drills. 
The main goal for these sessions is to build aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improve coordination
and reaction to move better and make smarter decisions, as well as being more agile to perform
change of directions, linear speed, and turns.

Functional Active Recovery

Soccer tends to apply an incredible amount of stress onto muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. An active recovery before and after games is needed to restore muscles, increase blood flow, and remove toxins from the body during practices and games.
These sessions are designed to teach the athlete our functional mobility methods as well as deep stretching methods that can help decrease muscle inflammation, and muscle soreness as well as gain muscle elasticity. 

Success Stories

Bryan Santos
FC Cincinnati MLS next player 
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