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Our Training Methods

Developing foundational athletic abilities is a critical starting point in order to ensure success in future sport-specific programs.  Training programs are designed to develop motor skills and athletic movements help to create long term enjoyment of physically demanding activities. Each athlete has their own identity and their own special training requirements.  Todays athletes require a wide variety of stimuli to encourage steady and consistent physical development.  Implementing extreme conditioning programs is ill-advised and can be detrimental to the athlete’s short and long term health.   The FC Training Grounds training protocol believe in Periodized Sports Performance (PSP) that will include the proper elements at the proper intensity in defined training duration cycles.


Why use Periodized Sports Performance Training?

      FC Training Grounds believes in small but effective progression.  Everything we do is aimed to support our focus on specific progress not solely general purpose fitness programs. Often times, repeated exercises work so well that a person's body becomes adapted to certain movements. However, the body needs new challenges within defined (Macro-Meso-Micro) cycles to continue to exceed personal goals and maintain high performance levels.  That goes for both strength and cardiovascular training. 


     Properly applied Periodized Sports Performance (PSP) allows an athlete to participate in a training program at regular intervals or “defined periods” to keep the body working harder and improving while still giving it adequate rest. This type of training will prevent the dreaded plateau that can occur with repeated exercises.

Extensive research has been done on Periodized Sports Performance Training.  All of the research, thus far, supports evidence of greater results when applying PSP.  The FC Training Grounds team strongly believes in these training methods and incorporates them into our training philosophy daily.


     We invite you to begin your research journey by reading "Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training - by Tudor 0. Bompa & C. Buzzichelli".  Yes , we love to read about all training methods!  However, we prefer you join our team and we can start improving all aspects of your training.

The Mindset


 Our team believes training starts before you come to our training grounds.  All enthusiasts have a drive to push themselves to achieve a certain goal.  Here at FC Training Grounds, we will motivate you to not just achieve your goals, but to exceed them.  Everybody CAN find success.  

Nutrition and Rest

A trained athlete understands that in order to get the best out of the body, you must provide sufficient nutrients and rest.  All of our programs provide additional insights on how to improve fueling the body properly in order to maximize the efficiency of each training session.

The mind itself also needs rest!  Exceptional sessions are performed when a client is well rested and the mind is at ease.  This requires athletes to understand the need for consistent and quality rest.


We strive to provide an environment with open and honest communication.  Inclusion is extremely important when it comes to athletes and training enthusiasts.  If you want to change and feel more content with your mind and body, we have an open door policy.  Good vibes only at FC Training Grounds.

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Image by Clay Banks
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